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Nick Dorey
Two sunny days are enough to let me believe that spring has arrived. Even though that might be not quite the truth, I indulge in this little fantasy of mine. That fantasy doesn’t include heavy boots and woolly coats, so it makes sense to take a little break from the usual fashion week recaps. Instead I put an image by Nick Dorey on offer (you can find another picture from the editorial here) and hope that you find, just like me, that it captures the beauty of those first balmy days.

Image: Nick Dorey

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I like these platform pumps, but I think that I like them above all in this picture. The reason for that is simple: what seems like a deep burgundy is in truth a bright red. Sometimes one cannot help but prefer a different kind of reality.

Image: Céline spring 2012

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Time management issues? Obviously. Seriously. I’m really struggling right now with all the things that have to be done. Correction: All the things that I want to be done. There is a clear difference, as an acquiantance of mine told me recently. I would say that will make for a great topic for one of the next posts. One that we can explore together. What do you think? Let’s steer our mind towards something more light and pleasant: last fashion week. Some time has passed since the last show and after all the impressions have found a cosy place in my mind, I would like to share some of my favourites with you.

What if I would mention the word „kite“ and say that it was the main inspiration behind an entire collection? Would you cringe a little? If this is the case, be assured, I would be entirely with you. The prospect of a litteral translation is not that far away and all the images that are taking form in our minds gravitate toward something really cheap if not really scary. But what would it look and feel like if the translation happened to be just right? What if a designer managed to choose just the right amount of hints and bring the feeling alive through just the right amount of details? The answer can be found in the 3.1. Phillip Lim collection.

Seeing the pieces leads to all kind of thoughts popping up simultaneously. The lightweight fabric and its movement. The ribbons which flow gently in the air.  The gentle colour palette and the layering. The minimalistic approach and the comfortable appeal.  Then, you focus on one item at a time, the trousers, for example. You notice that their fit is a little bit on the slouchy side, and that the usual hem is replaced by track-pant vents. Yet they are still elegant and work appropriate. Then it hits you: „I could wear that. I really want to wear that.“ And that’s when you know, that Phillip Lim has done everything right.

Images: 3.1. Phillip Lim spring 2012 []


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