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Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2013
To me, this close-up encapsulates the essence of Maison Martin Margiela. A lot of elements which evoke pureness and simplicity. Such as the clean neckline, the bare face and the perfectly tousled hair. And an element which is unusual in this particular context, but at the same time makes totally sense. Such as this rather unusual piece of jewellery. One of the rare cases where „effortless elegance with a twist“ is more than appropriate and not just an expression.

Image: Maison Martin Margiela spring 2013

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Valentino spring 2013
Last night it was time for the Oscars and with that time for movies, for winners, and for gowns. If we want to be completely honest, it was time for judgement. In general. It starts with the host and his ability to lead through an evening with class and with humour. It ends with the winners, their reactions, their speeches and their rivals. In the middle of the whole event is the biggest question of them all: what are you wearing? I do think that this particular question must haunt most of the actresses for weeks if not months. Once they set foot on the red carpet, there is no going back. Like a fortune teller it is going to be merciless and tell the truth, just like that, no sugar coating included. And it goes without saying that it has the memory of an elephant: it never forgives and it certainly never forgets (swans and awkward thigh slits included).

So yes, the right dress is crucial and should therefore be prepared meticulously, the precision level resembling at its best a military mission. Finding The Answer to The Question means finding a way through a maze of questions really: Is it the right designer? Is it the right cut? Is it the right fit? Is it the right colour? Is it the right length? It is well understood that it has not been the actress herself who was in search of the exit, but most probably a stylist and her team. At the end of the whole process the whole world will see if she has found her way out or if she, to put it plainly, has just hit a wall. One thing is sure, there will be enough people to witness both.

Image: Valentino spring 2013 []

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Alasdair McLellan
After an unannounced week of silence due to a nasty cold and a somewhat cranky internet connection, let’s get back into the swing of things.
The lovely Natalie asked me a few posts ago (in the comment section) about my thoughts on the last Balenciaga collection. You must know (and you probably do unless you were living under a rock for the past few months – fashion news wise) that it was Nicola Ghesquière’s last collection for the renowned fashion label before passing the torch to Alexander Wang (after a lot of rumours and a good dose of speculation madness). One can easily see why the designer referred to it as „the most sensual collection I’ve ever done“. The first look, and probably the most cited one, is nothing else but a pantsuit combined with a bra top. Although it is not that easy to imagine WHEN, WHERE and above all HOW you are supposed to wear it, there is something very much appealing about that look nontheless. It is polished and well constructed and in the same time it is also unexpectedly revealing. I for one can imagine wearing that top over a t-shirt but maybe I just saw one too many episodes of you-know-which-series or I was simply thinking about the black-harness-over-white-t-shirt-combo sported by Taylor Tomasi Hill a few seasons ago. Either so, Alasdair McLellan did a brilliant job of capturing the beauty of these pieces and so did the stylist (it kind of makes me want to wear every single ring of mine).

Anyway, this black and white shot was patiently waiting to be published and now I’m relieved to get it out of my system. Literally. Not so sure about this look though.

Image: Alasdair McLellan

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Here is a question: why are we taking a look at all kind of different collections? More often than not the interest doesn’t translate into an instant plan to buy one of those garments in the near future, right?
I think that the main reason is…wait, now comes a heavy heavy word…inspiration. Watching a collection means finding new colour combinations and learning about new ways to combine different garments. When we do it regularly, it probably sharpens our eye for fabrics and prints and what is maybe even more crucial, proportions. It certainly helps us to develop our own style, just because we learn over time what we do like and what we do not like. Ultimately we even will be able to make the distinction  between what we like to look at and what really suits us.
If I had to name one designer which would serve as a good example, and there are many which I would consider naming here, I would opt for Dries Van Noten. He excels in the art of layering and by choosing different kinds of fabrics, he underlines beautifully their respective textures. One should not forget to mention his sense for wonderful prints and impeccable styling. All this combined leads to collections which are always worth a second look (and a little bit of swooning). The latest one would make no exception.
Mark Holgate from spoke about „a textbook Dries Van Noten show“. I definitely want to read all the chapters.

Images: Dries Van Noten spring 2013 []

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So this is what a comeback looks like. Clear lines. Round shapes. Impeccable tailoring. A colour palette restricted to navy, burgundy and beige, completed by the classics, black and white and punctuated by a vibrant red.
Jil Sander returned to the label she founded in 1973 and delivered what she was always known for: purism. The collection included white shirts, A-line skirts and coats with a loose fit. But it was this all so plain dress with three-quarter-length sleeves that caught my attention. Although it has to be said that for me, the look hasn’t really the light appeal that belongs to the spring season. The colour and the fabric of this dress let me not think about those first balmy evenings, and so do not the shoes. Especially the shoes. One can easily picture a cloudy sky and the first raindrops hitting the pavement. Some buyers voiced their worries about exactly this fact, but in the end it didn’t really matter. One had seen that Jil Sander was still able to satisfy the hunger for everything minimalistic and one was waiting for more.

Image: Jil Sander spring 2013

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