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Tommy Ton
Suspenders are not the kind of wardrobe item you would want to find in his closet. They usually make us cringe and we like to pretend that they do not exist really. There are a few men, though, who really know how to make them look good. See proof above.

Image: Tommy Ton for GQ

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Stockholm Streetstyle
I don’t know about you, but I expected a little more from this winter. When I visited my family for Christmas time, I was welcomed not by the usual chunky snowflakes but by balmy temperatures. People were actually taking their convertibles out for a festive spin, something I cannot say about my gloves or my beanie. Times like these are made for a chunky cardigan thrown over a sweater combo. I seriously like the idea even though I have to draw the line on rainy days and those, my friends, were and are the snow substitute par excellence. Luckily those days are not going to be the majority in a few months time and there are going to be a lot of occasions just waiting for this kind of layering.

Image: Stockholm Streetstyle 

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There is a lot to be said about the development of street style photography and its current nature. But that is a topic I would like to talk about next week. What I would like to do now, on the other hand, is to point out how stunning this shot is. Taylor Tomasi Hill is known for her very distinctive shade of red hair and that seems to pair all too well with a bright yellow dress. And who would have thought that a green bus passing by could enhance that point even more?


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