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It’s highly time for the first Wanted list of this year, mesdames et messieurs. As always I have chosen a few things that I love or would love to have:

(1) the gentlewoman isn’t really a surprise, I’m never getting tired of saying how much I love this magazine. A few weeks ago I checked the website in order to learn about the new issue and the release date, but nothing has been revealed yet. So I was really happy when Natalie shared the new cover with me via Twitter earlier this week. I must say I really like it and what I might  like even more is the prospect of interviews with Susan Sarandon and Isabel Marant. Simply put: Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! (2) I’m not quite sure if I just like the idea of striped shoes or if I would actually wear them. (3) I heard so many good things about that mask that I’m really tempted to try it. (4) My Instagram account is flooded with pictures of coffee, so it may be hard to believe that I am serious tea drinker as well. I love the simplicity of this enamel tea pot and would love to have it around in my kitchen. (5) To find the perfect T is not as easy as it might seem in the first place. The Gap menswear section is a great option in my opinion. (6) the row. Again. I simply can’t help myself. The price tag might be ridiculous, their range of products on the other hand is ridiculously good looking.

Do you have some current favourites? I would love to hear…

(1) the gentlewoman (2) Zara: Pumps (3)  Aesop: Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask (4) The old faithful shop: Enamel Tea Pot (5) Gap: The Essential Crewneck T (6) the row: shoulder bag

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