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Street style photography has massively changed over the last years, so much in fact that it has led to an outcry of Suzy Menkes (remember her famous article?). Following fashion week equals still having a look at street style shots for me. However…

Issue n°1: There is probably some kind of saturation that has crept in overtime. The captured outfits lead rather to a yawn than to an inspiring moment.
Issue n°2: A colour explosion topped by futurustic elements and a bouquet of flowers means my attention, but attention does not necessarily equal interest.
Issue n°3:  Most of the looks seem by now far from being genuine and authentic but either an outcry for attention (see issue n°2) or an literal extension from the runway. Minus the overall vision of the designer and the show aspect that goes with it.

Sometimes, though, I come across pictures like the ones showed above. Pretty nice examples of how to style a sneaker if you ask me. Rather simple and yet more than enough to get me thinking what I like about them…


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Jak & Jil, the Sartorialist
Turning theory into practice. Today: combining formal pieces with casual wear.

Images: and The Sartorialist

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Tommy Ton
Suspenders are not the kind of wardrobe item you would want to find in his closet. They usually make us cringe and we like to pretend that they do not exist really. There are a few men, though, who really know how to make them look good. See proof above.

Image: Tommy Ton for GQ

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This is what I would call „inappropriate“: coveting sandals in den midst of autumn (slash winter). Happily I’m not out of tune that often (yes, I’m trying to console myself). I don’t think myself as a person who leafs through Vogue and dreams of a winter coat just when the heat wave hits the town. Entering a shop and trying on something woolly or fluffy is pretty much unthinkable. So how am I able to explain today’s choice? Let’s agree that this is a slip-up. Can we move on now?


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