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Hello my lovely readers! Exactly one week ago I returned home and hit the ground running: whether it is adjusting (hello 30 degrees difference in temperature!), working (how is it possible that every single task is marked with „asapst“ in my book?), planing (Christmas is in three weeks. Christmas in in three weeks?!) and scheduling (36 hours day, anyone?). All these things result in me not trying to loose my head over it and a decent amount of lists. But before this post breaks into an ode to the sweet comfort of list making…

What I really wanted to say is that I had the most wonderful time and plan to share a few impressions with you very soon. And also that this place will finally receive the attention which I constantly wanted to grant it over the last weeks and months. Here is to a lot of lovely posts to come!

Image: Cindy Chen

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Columbine Smille
My intention for this post was to speak about vacation. Now, how come that I choose a picture which is mostly about concrete when I am usually so trigger happy when it comes to stunning pictures of the sea? For a moment I pondered the idea of choosing something else. Something airy. Something soothing. But then, I stopped in my tracks and thought that this picture will do just right. Not because I just finished an excruciating episode of Breaking Bad and therefore everything else, anything really, evokes a calming atmosphere. No, it’s because somehow this exact moment captured in this picture allows me to think about a relaxed morning. A morning during which I will do nothing else but drink leisurely a cup of coffee and overlook whatever it is in front of me with all the patience in the world.

Image: Columbine Smille

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