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FileVoguemars20100175Running a bit late with the sequel due to an impromptu dinner invitation and a House of Cards marathon (if you haven’t already heard about it, here is the trailer; now don’t blame me if you spend the weekend glued to your television screen). Hope you guys have a lovely Saturday and see ya tomorrow!

Image: David Sims

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Garance Doré
Sometimes I like to keep things sweet and short and that can be due to many reasons. Maybe I don’t have a lot to say or maybe I’m just not in the mood to elaborate. Maybe I have a bad day and can’t hardly put a word in front of another (in writing that is, you should not be worried).
Sometimes I relish to dive deeper into thoughts, to elaborate them and to venture a little bit further. Maybe a thought is in the back of my mind for quite a while already and I just have to put it in words. Maybe I have a good day and unexpectedly two or three sentences become all of a sudden fare more than that.

Whether it is a short text or a more extensive one, I enjoy the variety in writing. Both have something special about them that speaks in their favour. And to be frank, it also takes the pressure away to always „deliver“.

Now, you might think „this is all well and good…but where is she going here?“. Admittedly the connection between the picture above and my thoughts on writing is not the most evident. Just give me one more second (or minute) and you will get an exclusive behind the scenes look of the inexplicable wickedness of my mind (just kidding here). I really like the picture above and when I wrote about the roll-neck sweater yesterday, it instantly popped up in my mind. That certainly speaks in favour of the photograph, but also of something else: the styling. I love the idea of tucking your hair into your turtleneck for an instant change  (just as Garance pointed it out in her post). It is one of those things that I love to do during autumn or winter, although my weapon of choice would be more often than not a chunky scarf.

So here you are, the essence of this post was nothing else than an ode to variety. Let’s raise our glasses to that!

Image: Garance Doré

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Annemarieke van Drimmelen
You know me, can’t resist a beautiful black and white shot to kick of the weekend. Even more so, when the picture involves two items that seem made for each other: an inverted lapel coat (leather detail!) and a roll-neck sweater. Add some slightly tousled hair…et voilà!

Image: Annemarieke van Drimmelen

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I’m certainly not enthusiastic when it comes to any kind of print. But this china inspired print by Preen is swoon material (by the way it is from the pre-fall 2012 collection). I even love that it comes in the form of a turtleneck and not a regular blouse. Here is a question: when was the last time you saw a turtleneck which was not a cable knit? I, for once, didn’t see anything like that around and I just wonder how that can be since it looks so fantastic. Especially with a leather jacket thrown on top, even though this would make you very miserable right now (hello wintery temperatures!). Happily, it is very easy to come up with tons of styling ideas. Imagine this top with a classic black sweater, for example. One would just see a hint of print peeking out and that surely would look great. Anyway, do I need to point out that I love the picture as well? Probably not.

Image: Nick Dorey

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