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There are a few posts lined up this week, some of them covering heavier topics (such as the oh-so-much-discussed Saint Laurent collection). So, before things get a little deeper, let’s take a look at a few lovely things…

(6) Mr Porter is known for all kind of things such as menswear and style. They are also known for giving good advice where advice is needed and for portraying beautifully style icons. Put all those things together and in print: you have a very much coveted book. (4) This tiny camera by Minox would certainly fit into any bag that I own. That could be reason enough, but let’s not kid ourselves: I would probably buy that one for the looks only. Same thing applies when it comes to this watch. (3) I sure do need (!) one on my wrist by now and yet…the Uniform Wares version could be easily seen as nothing more than an accessory. (1) and (2)  There is still snow outside, people! And all I can think about is spring. And all white looks. The off-white sweatshirt by Iro seems like a good option (I quite like the  short sleeves with turned-up cuffs), especially when combined with a white jean (slightly on the slouchy side). (5) The final touch would be brought courtesy by Converse. Good old chucks. They don’t need any introduction, right? For some, they might be too „cliché“. For me, they seem just right.

(1) Iro: Leola Sweat Top (2) Rag & Bone: The Dash Jean (3) Uniform Wares: 250 Series Steel Wristwatch (4) Minox: DCC 14.0 Camera (5) Converse: Chuck Taylor All Star (6) Mr Porter Paperback

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Taaaada! Unbelievable, but true. I’m going to do what I promised at the beginning of this week* and talk about the second object: the watch.
In a time where practically every single device comes with a clock, a watch can almost seem superfluous. From the oven over the laptop to your heat regulator. Time is everywhere and if you want to or not, you are constantly informed how late/ on time you are. It is almost hard to imagine that there was a time when hanging a clock on the wall had above all a purpose and a watch was a necessity. When the mobile entered the scene of everyday life and became mainstream, the watch itself became moved from being utility object to being almost solely an accessory. As you might have noticed, my exact words where „almost superfluous.“ Almost, because it is not strictly true for every single situation. Imagine being in a business meeting or on a lunch date and you absolutely have to know what time it is. Now, you can put your mobile on the table and switch it on or you can glance discretely at your wrist. It is not that hard to guess which one of the possibilities is more elegant. Personally, I’m very happy to own a watch after I don’t know how much year of abandonment. So yes, you can consider this a plead in favour of the little relic called watch.

*I’m relating to this post here and the first object here.

Image: afterDRK

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Last week I spoke about one of the most classic combinations in fashion town, black and white. I immediately had this image in my mind and yes, I already posted in once, back in the days, but I hope that you agree with me: it one of those pictures that deserves a repost. For me, it represents the epitome of elegance.
I think (and I probably always will) that you can never go wrong when your choice fells on black and white. I also think that rolled-up sleeves are a small change, but always have quite an impact which should not be underestimated. It really changes the look completely, since you can switch the degree of formality in about a second. And then there is the matter of gold and silver, mixed up. It is not necessarily a pair which always works well together, but that picture is definitely a hell of a good proof that it can be done. Finally, there are two objects in this picture which serve perfectly well for two posts coming up this week (and since there are not many options, I think you can guess which ones I have in mind). Stay tuned…

Image: Jak & Jil

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