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Using adjectives such as delicate, white and lacy might instantly evoke pictures of wedding gowns. Especially when we add into equation the fact that we are speaking about dresses and even more so, when we are speaking about long gowns. The dress above probably ticks all these boxes (and I say probably, because I’m not quite sure about the colour) and yet, we are not seeing here someone prepared to walk down the aisle. There is no doubt really that the dress is sublime, but seeing it makes me wonder about the contextualisation of clothing. If you wearing this for fashion week (which was what happened), does it change our perception or are we still tempted to ask about the future husband. My point is: can culturally set meanings be taken down a notch by changing the framework or styling? Or are some combinations and some kind of fashion items heavily laden with meaning? Just think about restaurants and the classic black and white attire for waiters and waitresses. Wear both colours without paying any attention to proportions and you will maybe end up being mistakenly held up and asked to bring the menu. That does not mean that black and white are off limits when going out for dinner. You can still wear a black skirt and white shirt, but yes, it probably pays off to consider the cut, the length and the fabric.
Back to the case in question: are accessories like dark sandals and  a huge purse game changing enough?

Image: Vogue Spain

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Ultimate sleekness. That’s what I thought when I came across this beauty. The absence of little details, or actually any details at all, is like a breath of fresh air.

Images: vanillascented

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Some things in life are wonderfully low maintenance, alas the colour „white“ is not one of them. Being the owner of a white coat, I had to learn it the hard way. That coat has seen a lot of dry cleaning and the next visit is way more certain than snow this christmas. But unfortunately, a white coat is just the tip of the iceberg. Think white jackets, white jeans, white shirts, white shoes (scratch shoes, those are just waiting for some action). Chances are high that you are an owner of at least one of those items in your wardrobe in that exact colour, dear reader, so you know exactly what I’m talking about: when you are living in a big city, your white wardrobe items are nothing but a blank canvas and you the helpless spectator. There is nothing you can do really. It’s not like you would wrap a big chunk of protective foil around you and call it a day. Well, maybe it crosses your mind and personally, I wouldn’t judge you for that kind of daydreaming. And don’t get me even started on the quality of the water and its long time effect on my beloved crisp white shirts. Let’s not even go there.

So, this all white look by TEXTILE Elizabeth and James, is pretty much the perfect fashion allegory of the pretty little game „I dare you“. And against all odds, I think that I want to play. Because even it seems like this post is the beginning of a bitter manifesto against everything clear and white, the truth is everything but. The truth is, I would buy this coat over and over again. Not only because its cut is just perfect, because it is. It just wouldn’t be the same in black or navy, even though my life would be a tad simpler and my wallet a tad happier. And what would we do without a crisp white shirt? A rhetorical question, right?

Image: Jason McDonald

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