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Relaunch coming soon. Seriously? In January I announced that a change was in order. Now we have October. As you can see the only thing we didn’t work on around here, was a time machine.

Presenting a new website means that you feel like the proud owner of a new apartment. Frankly, I could go on and on about it. But we all have our moments of clarity, so let’s take just a quick walk around the new premisses. The first thing you have certainly noticed is the brand new design and the fresh and friendly typography. And yes, from now on  there is more readable material and bigger pictures, for your viewing pleasure. Speaking of eye candy: the updated blog comes now with a moodboard on tumblr. In case you want to keep track of what’s happening around here, you can follow me on Bloglovin or on Twitter. Don’t hesitate to comment as often and as elaborately as you like, your thoughts and ideas are always appreciated.

What is Definitely Golden all about now? The main focus will still be set on the deliciously wide topic of fashion enhanced by a good dose of everyday life observations. Weekly specials and columns are in plan, although time will decide which one are going to make it as lasting projects. And let’s face it: The road may be a little bit bumpy in the beginning, I still have to figure out a balanced schedule. I would say: Let’s be adventurous!

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