Once Again

This shot by Camilla Akrans  might look somewhat familiar to you. Not only because it was published a year ago (Octoeber 2011) and you had a chance to encounter it somewhere else already. You might have very well have spotted it right here, on this blog.  However, it was before the relaunch took place, so I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to post it a second time.
Actually this thought crossed my mind already several times. When I was planning the relaunch, I decided to opt for the delete button. Not so much because the old content bothered me so much, it simply wouldn’t have fit with the new design. The outcome would have been quite messy and therefore I decided to start completely from scratch – with a new design and a polished outcome. But what about all those visual finds?  The picture folder certainly contained pictures which didn’t speak to me anymore and which I got rid off.  But there were also pictures which I still find to be exceptionally beautiful. Those ones I would like to share with you – once again.

Image: Camilla Akrans

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  1. Audrey says: 28. November 201122:17

    Oh I love pictures like this, never get tired of it because it’s all about the simplicity and elegance in one package. Beautiful!

    Have a good week!

    • goldene says: 29. November 201100:05

      Happy to hear that, Audrey. I wish you a great week as well!

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