Not exactly

Right now, I’m sitting in front of this picture and try to figure out how and why exactly it speaks to me. Yes, it ticks the box of  „a nice black and white shot“. And being printed in The Gentlewoman speaks quite naturally in its favour as well (they rarely got it wrong). A little black dress made out of lace? Bring it on! What is bugging me are all those flower shaped motifs attached to it. Being white they are not precisely hiding, radiating describes it probably far better. If someone would have told me about an idea describing this precise dress, my only imaginable reaction would be a raised eyebrow. Now, that I actually see it, I might be raising both.

Image: Karim Sadli

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  1. Alexandra says: 1. November 201210:47

    Elise Crombez definitely plays a part! One of my favourite models.

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