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A few things during the weekend should be obligatory like a lot of sleep, really good coffee and beautiful weather. Unfortunately we can hardly have any influence on the latter, but happily the first two are pretty feasible. So let’s strike the last one out, replacing it with something else. That something else would be, at least in my case, flowers.

About half a year ago, our apartment started to be filled with a few little (and not so little) bouquets of flowers on an almost weekly basis. Each and every corner transformed  itself in a blink of an eye and the effort was comparatively small. Somehow some kind of routine set in and we found ourselves more and more often in front of the little flower shop. As it happens with routines (at least with the good ones), we got used to that little extra in our surrounding. When not around, there was something missing. It must be said, that there are no plants in any of the rooms to tide us over that fact (and that for many reasons or three to be exact, I will come to that in another post). A next visit was inevitable.
Now, buying or receiving flowers is hardly a ground breaking invention, I decided to rave about. What I’m aiming after here, is to tell you that the time factor is really crucial. There is a huge difference between having flowers around „from time to time“ and „regularly“. Buying flowers week after week means exploring all the different possibilities which come in form of shapes and colours. And all those possibilities give a lot of room for change when it comes to the atmosphere of any room.

Who could resist that?

Image: Kinfolk

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