A place

I’m not quite sure why I find this place so attractive. I guess mostly because of its roughness due to the immediacy of nature. I also love that there is nothing polished about this shot, so somehow it seems very real and tangible.

Image: Unkown

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  1. María says: 26. November 201216:03

    Wow! I’m absolutely captivated by this image. It is stunning!! Impresive the light and architecture.

  2. Michaela says: 4. Dezember 201212:17

    5 terre in Liguria Italy?

    • goldene says: 4. Dezember 201223:06

      Thank you for the suggestion, Michaela. At first sight, it really did look like Cinque Terre. Either way, I was happy to discover it that way.

  3. Andreas says: 4. Dezember 201222:51

    This is Atrani, on the Amalfi coast south of Naples. A gorgeous place, and surprisingly quiet, although it’s just a ten minute walk to Amalfi …

    • goldene says: 4. Dezember 201223:03

      Thank you for your help, Andreas! Would love to see this place in person one day…

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