Captured (Part II)

One thing I really love about Instagram is that you are able to see so much more than you would be able to on a regular day. You can take little visual trip to a city or visit the countryside, you can oversee the skyline at night or watch the waves crash during a sunny day, you can get to know someone’s favourite coffeeshop or take a walk in the woods. Seeing all those different kind of things is first of all a lovely pastime and more often than not, it feels like taking a little break. It also is a good mean to discover new places, meals…well, things in general. And maybe we should go even further than that: it is nourishing our minds.

When I came back from a holiday in September, I left the most beautiful place behind me. A place where the sky was so blue, that it almost seemed unreal. Coming back to a city which was basically grey and to the prospect of chilly temperatures, was not particularly enticing. Luckily there were a few sunny days left and we still managed to sit outside, to take long strolls and enjoy the golden hues of autumn. That helped a lot, for sure. Surprisingly taking a look at some IG feeds turned out to be a good cure as well. Looking at the place you seem to know oh so well through the eyes of others means rediscovering details you missed and with that, its beauty.

Images: @definitelygolden

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  1. Audrey says: 9. November 201221:56

    I like this so much, and I I love to capture the moments of a day, the little things in life. I enjoy this time of the year, but the last days it’s a lot of grey over here. But we have to see the „beauty“ of it, ha!

    Have a lovely weekend Marzena

  2. María says: 26. November 201216:05

    beautiful pics!

    • goldene says: 27. November 201200:24

      Thank you María!

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