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The image above was part of a Vogue UK editorial named „Couture stripped“, back in 2006. One grabs the concept behind it pretty easily, so that wasn’t really something I wanted to dwell on. Neither the fact that I already  pusblished it once on my blog back in the days (aka before the relaunch).
What I wanted to say though, has something to do with the latter: it is one of those editorial shots I would post again and again. To say it more elegantly: it is one of those editorial shots that I find it somewhat timeless. This is certainly partly due to the fact that the focus is not exactly set on the gown in particular and fashion in general, although it is very much present. It is a fashion editorial, but fashion takes the backseat here. Well, it is couture after all and not ready-to-wear which certainly makes that much more probable. There is not a certain colour, wardrobe item or a particular cut which would betray its original date (and by the way so does not the styling). Couture being what it is, allows also a little bit…or no, strike that…a lot of dreaminess. It can be all about feathers and jewels and pastell colours and it can be serious about it. Not because a lot of women are going to end up wearing the exact dress one of the seasons to come. Not because a lot of women are going to translate the inspiration into their daily lifes neither.
Couture is serious, but about something else entirely. About what? you might ask me. Hold that thought, I think we have an interesting topic here.

Image: Javier Vallhonrat

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  1. Audrey says: 16. November 201222:57

    Oh my just look at her! I was thinking about a mermaid. This is a beautiful and timeless image.

    Have a good weekend Marzena

    • goldene says: 17. November 201200:50

      What a lovely association, Audrey…
      I hope you have a great weekend!

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