When deciding upon the title for this post, several ideas popped into my mind. „Camel & White“ has been one of the most obvious ones. These colours are a match made in heaven — not big news really. Especially not since the camel coat had his big moment a few seasons ago (a quick plunge into the archives of the Sartorialist and you will know what I mean).
„Everything“ would be much more fitting then maybe? As in „Everything about this look speaks to me“. Or: „Everything in this look seems just about right“. There is much more to it than the usual approving nod toward the camel and white combo. Look at all these lovely shades in between: the dusty pink ballerinas and the cream coloured shirt. The perfect cut of every single item. And to top it of: the fringe. It almost makes me want to reach for the scissors on my table and…

Images: Emma Elwin

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