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Mija Creators of desire
It seems as though a new attitude towards sneakers has been shaped over the last months. It has become a real „thing“ by now. You can see them everywhere and you can buy them everywhere (hello Zara!). You can choose from an enormous variety and you can combine them with everything. Maybe it is quite daring to pinpoint a certain moment or even look as the trigger for this craze. And yet, I am willing to take the risk. There is one look who has been posted on various street style blogs during fashion week this March and who has practically exploded all over the internet. A woman wearing a classic camel coat, a pair of slim white jeans and — surprise — Nikes. (And by the way: I plead guilty since I couldn’t resist to dedicate a post to it as well.)

It is pretty certain that other factors have played a role in this development, than one single woman and a few pictures. However, I do think that it has contributed in some way. Maybe even in a big.

Image: Mija Creators of Desire

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