Long Time. No See.

David Vasiljevic
It has been quite a while. I just have noticed that it has been almost a month, in fact. When practically every other post consists of explanations and excuses, it gets pretty embarrassing if you ask me. Are we quite there yet? I think we are…

This year has been everything but boring so far. Good things happened. Then some not so good things. And now that I am finally able to catch my breath, I can’t believe that it is mid February. Confirmation came in many forms among others in yesterday’s visit to one of my favourite magazine stores: the March issues were piling up and covering all of their walls. One of the magazines that I grabbed for a closer look was the Elle UK and this is the picture that caught my attention. It really did, because just a few minutes later I pointed it out to B. All these colours, the fabrics, the cuts. I wasn’t aware of it, but apparently one can get excited over a pair of bermuda shorts and trainers. Maybe it is just me, but it does practically scream „SPRING!“.

Are we there yet? I hope very soon.

Image: David Vasiljevic for Elle UK

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  1. Chrystel says: 18. Februar 201418:30

    Happy you’re back! I love the jacket….and I also hope spring is nearly here.

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