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It is rather rare that I publish a campaign on my blog. So rare in fact that I can remember the one time I did (it was quite a while ago and Jil Sander). Quite surprising, if you ask me. Most campaigns at least equal the quality of editorials and their commercial intention is not substantially different, except for the presence of the label. More often than not they deserve a second glance, just like this picture from the Edun campaign shot by the designer herself, Danielle Sherman. I love the minimalistic approach: a black and white picture shot in profile, simple styling and the renunciation of any storytelling whatsoever.
When I started working in fashion, I remember how startled I was when my colleagues perused the first twenty pages of
Vogue with much more excitement and attention than the rest of the magazine. Until then, I was used to astonishment when not complaints from pretty much everyone around me when they had to fight their way through the seemingly countless pages of advertisement. My colleagues, on the other hand, were often times much more in awe of the level of production behind these pictures than any editorial that followed suit. Now, that is what I call a change of perspective.

Image: Danielle Sherman

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