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If you are visiting this little space of mine more regularly, you have probably noticed my weakness for a certain kind of post: declaring my love to something which I thought to be out of my taste comfort zone. The Coal Slider featured in the latest Emerson Fry campaign is not an exception. A few weeks prior I would have deemed them to be nothing but fancy home footwear. Now all I can think of is that I desperately need a pair, that I want to wear them all day long, that I would even pull them off in a business meeting (I would!). I think that this is a quite drastic case of „I can change my mind, can’t I?“. Its roots lying somewhere between the impeccable execution of the shoe (the minimalistic approach, the buttery soft leather and the contrasting sole) and the overall styling of the look (an all black look which gains depth through different kind of shades and textures). Another possible factor: seeing one too many editorials and street style pictures featuring Adidas and Birkenstock slip-ons over the last weeks, sometimes paired with socks. Maybe I do have underestimated this trend and now I find myself with a soft spot for this exact kind of footwear. If so, I am more than happy to comply with these beauties made by Emerson Fry.

Image: Emerson Fry

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Remember how people always say that you have to see things from a different perspective? And how hard it is to suppress a deep sigh and not to give them THE look? Now, maybe they are onto something. At least in this particular case. If I don’t have any time on my hands and I twist my hair up without any effort and attention whatsoever, the result would be very close to the one shown above. The created effect could only be described by me with something close to „nah!“. Let me throw a glance at the picture above however and you will see me saying things like „look“ and all of a sudden I will break into an ode to the oh-so-appealing careless approach. Everything is a matter of perspective, right?

Image: fashnchips

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The Sartorialist
The title is not sticking a hundred per cent to the truth (after all there is a golden coloured bag peeking from under the coat). But once I have gotten over the fact how lovely this shot was, I couldn’t help myself but focus on the colour combination. Putting an outfit together by mixing red, white and blue means that one runs automatically and very dangerously close to the fine line of becoming an impersonated flag. In this case the danger has been elegantly avoided and yet. I am not quite sure if I will y remain an admirer from afar or an active part of this particular tricolour movement.

Image: The Sartorialist

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With the temperatures dropping and the feeling rising that autumn is just around the corner, I find myself swooning over these beautiful coats. Vogue UK has opted for the crème de la crème for their editorial „Under Cover“ in this year’s September Issue: The coats (Céline, Hermès, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton), the photographer (Alasdair McLellan), the model (Miranda Kerr) and the styling (Kate Phelan) make it somehow okay to think about the cozier additions to our wardrobes.

miranda-9 (1)

Images: Alasdair McLellan

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When deciding upon the title for this post, several ideas popped into my mind. „Camel & White“ has been one of the most obvious ones. These colours are a match made in heaven — not big news really. Especially not since the camel coat had his big moment a few seasons ago (a quick plunge into the archives of the Sartorialist and you will know what I mean).
„Everything“ would be much more fitting then maybe? As in „Everything about this look speaks to me“. Or: „Everything in this look seems just about right“. There is much more to it than the usual approving nod toward the camel and white combo. Look at all these lovely shades in between: the dusty pink ballerinas and the cream coloured shirt. The perfect cut of every single item. And to top it of: the fringe. It almost makes me want to reach for the scissors on my table and…

Images: Emma Elwin

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Two months ago I composed a little list of coveted coats. All of them could be filed under „classic“. None of them were anywhere near of a print and did certainly not include any embroidery. Trust Stella McCartney to bring up a change of heart.

Image: Stella McCartney

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FileVoguemars20100175Running a bit late with the sequel due to an impromptu dinner invitation and a House of Cards marathon (if you haven’t already heard about it, here is the trailer; now don’t blame me if you spend the weekend glued to your television screen). Hope you guys have a lovely Saturday and see ya tomorrow!

Image: David Sims

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A coat is a coat is…a coat…is a…coat. That is not my attempt of reaching a philosophical break-through ladies and gentleman. That is in fact the tune which sets in by mid January. Every single year.

On the first chilly day I reach with a smile for my winter coat. „Long time no see, my friend“ is exactly what is crossing my mind when I do that. And then, for quite some while actually, I enjoy his company. By December we have become, once again, inseparable. BFFs really (sorry about that…couldn’t resist). Every single outing, every winter stroll is done in mutual company. Bliss.

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful stated Mae West. Unfortunately that does not cover everything in life. Once the new year has really kicked off (or the realisation of it kicked in), I start to get a little bit bored. It is just a question of time and the „little“ will be replaced gradually by „really“. Hello Winter Sales! Yes, they become by that time nothing short of irresistible.

Long story short. Here is the thing with winter coats: I do think that we all should have about three different versions in our closet. At least. Take or give. But three would be realistically a good number to take us through the cold months, right? Not only to keep us nice and warm, but also to provide some change when days seem practically melt seamlessly into each other. It is nice to have options. Especially when the weather really starts to do nothing but annoy us, when we are starting to get impatient and wait for the first signs of spring.

Now the question is: which three winter coats would make the cut? And how does the harsh reality look like? More about that tomorrow…

Image: afterDRK

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Amy TroostLove the mix of casual and formal wear in this picture…

Image: Amy Troost (originally not black and white)

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tumblr_l2iybrtiur1qbg45wo1_128068116_daria_prada-brigittelancombe05_122_525lotumblr_mb4qpjlPOF1qflkfzo1_1280Doug InglishMatteo MontanariNicole FranzenGail Albert Halabanefwq_hdm40bondst6149stylesightings_54Conor Cronintumblr_lvu7ru1Ood1r2lohvo1_500Images: (1) and (3) unknown (2) Prada (4) Doug Inglish (5) Matteo Montanari (6) Nicole Franzen  (7) Gail Albert Halaban (8) Iwan Baan (9) Stylesightings (10) Conor Cronin (11) Monocle

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