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No.21 fall 2013
It’s a first. On so many levels. For once the label No. 21 has never been featured on this blog. And then, well, how to put this? Birds on a skirt. I’m pretty sure that kind of thing didn’t make an appearance on Definitely Golden. Yet. As the old saying goes, there is a first time for everything. So here we go…
Let’s start with the label. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard about it until now since it was brought to life just a few seasons ago (in 2010 to be precise). Alessandro Dell’Acqua, the designer, decided to start anew after leaving his eponymous label and opted for the name No. 21 simply because it is his lucky number and date of birth. His main focus lies on outfits which are suitable for daily life therefore it can be assumed that his inspiration comes rather from looking at street style shots than from attending gala events.

A quite unusual couple made an appearance in the fall 2013 collection: Italian and English influences. Both partners didn’t shy away to bring their typical fabrics (like tweed and lace) and other staples to the table. Not all the resulting looks were a success, but some of them had something about them, a certain something. Just like the one pictured above. At first sight it is quintessentially English which is probably mostly due to the colour combination (pink and brown*), the silhouette and the fabric (boxy space-dye knit sweater). The first images that it conjured in my mind had a lot to do with books which are set in old London. However, there was something else lingering in my thoughts, that something else being probably unexpected elements like lace, for example. And yes, embroidered birds. Now, I’m not ashamed to admit that I would not shy away from wearing this ensemble, just as it is, straight from the runway. First cow prints, then birds. Who would have thought that?


* Apparently I have something for this specific colour combination. Remember this?

Image: N0. 21 fall 2013

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Admittedly this is a lot of detail for one sole picture. One is almost tempted to admit defeat just because it is hard to know where to set one’s eyes on. This is partly due to the setting and the styling, yet most of the credit deserves probably the exuberant Christopher Kane look, all black lace and floral embroidery. When Cathy Horyn saw the designer’s fall 2010 collection, she was impressed, yet in the same time she couldn’t help but mention „sickly sweet embroideries“. Sarah Mower described her first reaction as „a kind of sick stomach lurch (…) brought on by witnessing something cheap and tasteless being transformed into fashion at speed.“  Not necessarily the perfect start for a review, yet on the whole the collection worked in her eyes as well. Sometimes the lines are slightly blurred and something which runs a high risk of being over the top, works perfectly in the end. This picture surely does.

Image: Cédric Buchet 

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